Schreiber Captures Folk Hero & Funny Guy with BBS Area 48 Lights

An honoree of prestigious awards for her outstanding work in cinematography, Nancy Schreiber, ASC is the epitome of successful women in film — one who champions cutting-edge technology.

While lensing the independent feature, Folk Hero & Funny Guy, Nancy Schreiber ASC wanted lights with dependable color and low power draw, that packed a big punch while shooting in small, remote Atlanta locations. “The Area 48 Soft light was perfect — it was simple to diffuse and adjusting its color temperature was easy, while outputting a significant light source for such low wattage.”

The project was shot in 5K. “I used the Epic Dragon paired with Leica primes, Fujinon 25-300mm zooms in addition to two Canon Cine zooms,” she says. “I used the Area 48 Soft and was very pleased with the convenience, but most importantly—the overall results.”

The compact BBS Area 48 Soft LED light with remote phosphor technology is tantamount to conventional 1200-Watt soft lights while offering phenomenal shadow rendering and flicker-free dimming. HD-friendly, the 98-TLCI fixture adjusts from Daylight to Tungsten to Chroma-Green within seconds. “I found changing the phosphor panels, which depend on the color temperature of the environment, fast and easy,” Schreiber continued, “it produced more light than the traditional power-consuming lights we had been using for years. I was able to control the amount of light effortlessly with the precise dimming feature, flicker-free and with stable color.”

“For example, one location where the Area 48 came in handy was an indoor skating rink with skylights and a mix of interior lights over the rink. The scene involved three main actors, Alex Karpovsky played an aspiring stand up comedian, his best friend a well known rock musician, was played by Wyatt Russell and an up and coming singer/songwriter, played by Meredith Hagner. The Wyatt character pretended to be a terrible skater and would fall on the ice, pulling down the other two actors. When we started the scene there was daylight coming in through doors and skylights. I had the 5600°K phosphor panels in at that point. The Area 48 had a good reach across the rink and the light was soft and pleasing, even when the actors came fairly close to the light source. As it got dark and the interior lights came on over the ice, I was able to quickly change the phosphor panels to 3200°K and dim the light appropriately to keep exposure consistent.


Ideal on location, Area 48 offers silent operation, internal DMX 512 for remote control and multiple power options, including integrated V-Lock or Gold Mount (AB) and standard AC power. “I used AC power with cabling most of the time,” she says. “But it was great that we were able to use batteries when time was limited and we had to run and gun it.”

As BBS paves the way for the next generation of lighting technology, it’s powered by feedback from its users on the front line. “The film and television industries are looking to be more ‘green’ in their power consumption these days,” Schreiber explains. “I have not found any other LED light that is as consistent and stable on color, and uses as minimal power— as Area 48s. I see an enormous shift to these types of high-output, low-wattage compact light sources.”

Folk Hero & Funny Guy, produced by Atlanta Production and Chhibber Mann Productions is slated for release in 2016.



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