Area 48 Soft & Flyer LED Light Grolsch Beer

Arntz Gets Old Dutch Ambiance for Grolsch Beer - Phil Arntz, Director/DP

Amsterdam-based German Director/DP Phil Arntz was anxious to explore creative lighting solutions for a short film for Grolsch Beer. Fortunately his gaffer, Zen Bloot, owns BBS’ Area 48 Soft and the Flyer LED lights. “I’d heard a lot about the Area 48,” Arntz says. “So using them on a proper production excited me.

“The story takes us back into the early ages of Holland and details how a young man made brewing the best beer in Holland his goal, mainly to impress the father of the girl he wanted to marry,” explains Arntz. “It was a dream because we had a big company backing us to create a beautiful film, to be used as a marketing tool for exhibitions museums, and more.”

“BBS’ Area 48 offered us incredibly accurate color representation and a soft light, which I often used as a key light, like in one of my favorite sequences featuring a beautiful young woman,” he explains. “We put the Area 48 camera left with a softbox to create the warm and soft key light.

“I’m normally a big fan of huge soft sources, like tungsten units or HMI bounced into a big piece of ultra bounce or something to that effect, but I actually found myself using the Area 48s more, because they provided me with a big, soft source which throws light and wraps a face beautifully but is also very easy to set up and move around quickly.”

For this sequence with the young woman, Arntz also used the Flyer LED as a top light with a slightly colder color temperature to create some glow on the white clothes of the girl. “In the background, we used some LEDs to create a bit of cool light spilling down the stairs to the cellar.”

Much of this film played in old, period style houses and cellars where beer was brewed. Most houses in Holland, especially their cellars, were very dark, so Arntz was faced with the challenge of creating realistic looking motivated light. “The Area 48 was his solution for key light here as well. We used it to mimic the light from a window in most of the shots,” he adds.

The Flyer LED also became one of his go-to fixtures in these locations. He used it as a top light for nearly all of the scenes. “The flexibility that this light offers is amazing,” he says. “It is lightweight and able to be boomed from a carbon fiber pole with a lightweight stand as well as dimmable and variable in color temperature. I often found myself tuning the light intensity and color temperature, just before we started rolling.”



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