BBS™ Lighting Force V™ LEDs Help Redwood Media Group Clients Go Green

Bend, Oregon-based Redwood Media Group LLC, a firm providing consulting, design and integration for television and digital media production has recently moved major clients like Time-Warner Sports Net, FOX’s KTTV-LA, KOTV Tulsa and others to Green production, with BBS’s Force V LED lighting taking the lead.

“We’ve been involved in efficiency oriented systems for years,” explains Redwood Media Group’s head Steve Mulkey. “We were the first to use florescent lighting and the first to become involved when LEDs came along. Recently, we were looking for more LED fixtures that were traditional and familiar. For us, BBS’s new Force V LEDs were ‘like a light bulb going on’. These are truly a good performing light with a great and powerful even field of light quality that we can put in our facilities without reservation.”

Redwood Media’s clients are mostly live-event or broadcast oriented. Mulkey and his crew must have extremely reliable lighting. They have to trust their units to perform flawlessly. He knew that’s what he would get with the Force V LEDs. The company’s first install was the Pack-12 Network’s Conference. “At the same time we took Time/Warner Sports Net Studios in El Segundo, California, home of the LA Lakers – Green,” Mulkey explains. This is their largest install so far – two studios done and a 3rd, for the Dodgers, set for next month. As with most of their all-LED installs, the Force V lights are their key instruments. “We’ve got at least 30 units in each of the Time/Warner studios,” he adds.

“It simply makes sense in this time where everyone is making a concerted effort to go Green,” he says. “Who would want to be using 575W or 750W incandescent, when you can use 106W LED? Cost effective and energy efficient. That’s what you get with these unique high-quality daylight fixtures Force V LEDs from BBS.”

The Force V is the most powerful LED “Force” ever. When you upgrade your ellipsoidals to LED, you get a complete retrofit kit for third party optics that sets new standards for white light LED with very low power consumption. Existing optics can be converted to LED in one minute, giving the user a powerful long LED life, ultra silent operation, and a completely smooth range of dimming. The Force V LEDs are available in two color temperatures comparable to tungsten 3200 Kelvin and daylight 5600 Kelvin. More details are available at  Force V Data Sheet 

“The Force V is simply the first and the best ellipsoidal engine available,” Mulkey concludes. “They are going to be one of the most important LED lights in our installs, whether they are small broadcast studios, major Sports venues, or everything in-between.”

BBS Lighting Force V LEDs Help Redwood Media Group Clients Go Green

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