LED Lighting new product

You probably already know the Force V LED Leko which has been a favorite fixture for lighting designers the past 5 years.


Now the Force V is getting a well deserved upgrade, that will debut at IBC2017, so please welcome the... 




Force 7

 Compared to its older brother, this new LED Leko is: 


- Significantly more powerfull,

- It has an even better color rendition with a CRI at 97

- and it has an extremely EVEN FIELD


Like the Force V, the Force 7 also offers:


- Straight, clean cuts with the shutters

- Perfect focus

- and really crisp gobo projection.

- No spill or straylight

- The most even field in the business due to the High quality condenser lens system

- Absolutely no double shadows in or out of focus.

- No color temperature shift when dimmed.


Altogether this makes the Force 7 a very precise and controllable LED Leko.


The Force 7 is used extensively as key and set lighting in:

  • TV-gameshows
  • TV pop shows
  • TVnews
  • TV sports
  • Feature films for hardedge, gobo or shadow projection.
  • Exhibitions, automotive show rooms etc.
  • and finally as the preferred Front of house in several rock & roll venues.


We´ll be introducing this perfect spot at...


IBC in Amsterdam, SEP. 15th-19th

So join us at HALL 12, STAND B52


and test the Force 7 out yourself;-)

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