Diamond Brothers Light Frame.io Video with BB&S

Diamond Brothers Light Frame.io Video with BB&S

The Diamond Brothers, NYC based filmmakers/directors Josh and Jason Diamond, were tasked with designing an aesthetically high tech video to introduce cloud storage giant Frame.io’s integration with editing software Adobe Premier Pro.

When they deployed BB&S Lighting’s 1-foot Pipeline lights on the shoot, they got a practical fixture “two-fer”: not only did the lights provide modeling illumination on the model sitting at the edit bay, but the Pipelines looked so good they were included in many of the wide shots.

The brothers assembled an edit suite in a spare office space within their headquarters. “We wanted a technical aesthetic, with an orange peel coloration,” said Josh Diamond. So along with some gelled Kino Flo bulbs, we gelled a couple of the BB&S Pipes and placed them about four feet either side of our model. They not only looked good in the frame, but also gave her nice edge lighting. As the camera dollied around the model, the Pipes came into frame. They gave us both an esthetic form and function.”

The 1-foot lights they used were straight out of BB&S Lighting’s Reporter Kit, with a pair of the 1-inch cylindrical Pipes, along with two desktop stands. “They were easily gelled and very bright. The in-line dimmer let us dial in just the amount of illumination we needed.”

For a soft source to fill in the model’s face, a BB&S Area 48 was deployed. “We shaped and softened that light with a DoPchoice Snapbag and Snapgrid, which makes the Area 48 into a really nice big soft source. Both the Pipeline fixtures and Area 48s utilize BBS’ Remote Phosphor technology, where the LED bulbs and the colorizing phosphor coatings are separated. This provides truer color rendering and keeps the phosphors from being damaged over time by heat from the LEDs.

Since the Frame.io video was shot in a normal office suite, power would have been an issue utilizing legacy lighting fixtures. But no problem, as Josh Diamond explains, “That’s what I like about the Pipelines and Area 48s: they run off house power, or even batteries if need be. They’re super versatile, and were exactly what were needed.”

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