There is no way you can establish a small studio in the corner of the office.

With just 80 ft2 (8 m2) of floor space...?

A ceiling height of only 8 feet (2,4 meters)?

And no grid, but a suspended ceiling?


It sounds like a nightmare, but it is not. You have to do it, and it has to be ready next week in time for the Big Convention, so your colleages have a place to do interviews with the Thought Leaders of your industry.

Had it been a normal sized studio, you would hang Profiles, Fresnels, 4 Banks and large Softlights.

But these lights would be too heavy for the ceiling mount as well as too big to fit.

They would be visible in frame, and the interviewer might even hit his head on one of the lights.


With such limited space, you´d better use smaller fixtures that don´t tear down the ceiling.

But you´re having trouble finding ones that are small, but still powerful enough, with eminent color quality. Also the price has to be fair.


Then you read about this new fixture that just got

2 NewBay Best of Show Awards at NAB...


It´s called Pipeline 2 Foot 2 Bank and it sounds like it could be just what you´re looking for.




It only:

- weighs 3 lbs (less than 2 kg) and is

- 2 feet long (60 cm),

- 4 inches high (10cm)

- 1 inch deep (3,5cm)

so it will easily fit in the ceiling without destroying anything, neither the ceiling nor the video framings;-)


And even better yet, it has a:

-  TLCI at 98, as well as

- highly accurate color rendering, so

- no loss in color temperature when using the 2 Foot 2 Bank.

Yeah, this all sounds good, but...


You have one more problem though... Power!

Because the small studio is placed in the office, you only have very limited access to power.

Luckily that is no problem when using the Pipeline 2 Foot 2 Bank. It has a very low power draw, only:

-  40W at 100%.

And it still has a high output of:

-  4000 lumens!




One fixture alone of course isn´t enough, you also need fill and back lighting in your small web studio, and you need some way to control the lights as well...


It just so happens that the Pipeline 2 Foot 2 Bank has a lot of smaller (as well as bigger) brothers, all together called The Pipeline System.

You can get single Pipes as small as 4" or 8 inches long, or if you prefer them a little bigger, you can get them in 1,2,3 or 4 foot. We also have the bigger 4 bank fixtures - though they would probably serve you better in a bigger broadcast studio;-)



To control them all simply hook them up to a Pipeline System 4-way controller with DMX


If you use the 4-Way Controller, you avoid having a lot of messy looking daisychained power cables hanging around.

You simply mount the controller in the ceiling or on the wall, and then only 1 cable goes to each head. This makes the cealing look clean and nice.


You can build your small studio for a really small amount of money!


In a setup where you use:

4-Way Controller together with

2 Pipeline 2 Foot 2 Bank as front lighting,

Pipeline Raw 2 Foot as fill and

1 Pipeline 4 Foot 1 Bank (coming soon;-) as back lighting,

And cables for it all are included...


the price starts at $ 2860 (or 2600 Euro)



Go to our website yourself. Take a look at what LED Lights you would like in your small web studio, and get an idea of... 




(Remember the Pipeline Free has its own dimmer, so that is the only fixture in our Pipeline System that you can´t connect to the 4-Way Controller. Go for the Pipeline Raw and all the Banks instead)

When you´ve found the perfect fixture fit for your small studio, go back to your boss and tell him:


"Hey, no problem. I´ll establish that small web studio in the corner of our office by next week. And you know what? It´s not gonna blow your budget, and it will look nice and clean and not disturb our office environment too much"

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