In West London located half-way between the famous Shepperton and Pinewood Studios and not too far away from Heathrow lies Octica Professional. 


Here you can find Spencer Doran and Tony O´Connor, the founders and owners of Octica.

They´ve been working together in the film and broadcast industry for over 25 years, and 9 years ago they decided to start Octica. Ever since they´ve been selling lighting and camera equipment to Film and Broadcasting studios.

Just this week they are adding a new Brand to their product line-up, and that is:


BB&S Lighting.



Tony O´Connor and Peter Plesner at BSC Expo 2017


"BB&S Lighting specializes in Remote Phosphor technology and is perfect for the high end Television & Film market that demands purity and consistency"


Tony says.


"With their phosphor LED lights you can reach a specific and accurate colour temperature which is projected and spread in an even way" 


In Remote Phosphor technology the phoshpor is separated from the LED itself. Founder and owner of BB&S Lighting Peter Plesner explains:


"In our Area 48 for instance, the phosphor comes in a panel that is put in front of the LEDs...

... When blue light passes through, white light magically materializes and makes the entire phosphor panel glow which gives an extremely soft light..." 


An Area 48 with a Remote Phosphor panel in front of it


"...The advantage of this is that the same amount of light is generated no matter what the color balance of the panel being used.

You can then change between daylight (5600K), tungsten (3200K) and many other choices - including chroma green and blue".


Tony adds:


"When you are using a green screen, consistent colour is imperative, and remote phosphor is the best technology for that".   

Tony had heard from friends that BB&S was looking for a new dealer in England and Ireland:


"Sebastian Kanabar from Prokit introduced us to BB&S, and Stefan Karle from DOP Choice recommended working with them too. We know him well and appreciate his opinion" 


So they called BB&S.

Peter elaborates:

"We are very exited about this new cooperation.

Octica has a really good reputation in the professional lighting business.

They have specialized in selling quality lighting equipment, which is ideal for us, because they know our core users very well.

We need our partners to be technically skilled, so they can provide good service for the cinematographers, and Octica fulfills that.

Besides, I think our Remote Phosphor LED Lights fit well in with their product portfolio".


Peter breaks for a minute, then adds:


"But actually, what is even more important for us is that Tony and Spencer seem like really nice people... we´re on the same wavelength, you know?"


Tony explains that one of the advantages of not being too big a company is that they get to focus on three things:


- knowing each product, they sell, extremely well

- having a stock

- and providing good service to their dealers


"Our dealers have to keep track of maybe 50 or more different products. They don´t have a chance remembering every detail about all of them..."

Tony says

"... But that is where they can benefit from us. They can just call us and we´ll tell them all we know about each product".


Octica has dealers many places in England and Ireland.




If you would like to try out one of BB&S´s LED Lights, just contact an Octica dealer close to you, and you can either try it out in their showroom, or maybe you can get to bring it with you on a job.

Call on beforehand just to be sure, then if the dealer hasn´t got the fixture you want to look at in stock, Octica will send him one.


If you are not already familiar with the Pipeline System, you might want to check that out.

As Tony says:


"the Pipeline is unique. Others don´t make something like that". 


The Pipeline System. They come in many sizes as you can see...


One of this soft lights´ strengths is that you can get it as a long fixture that takes up very little space, so you can easily hide it on a set.

It brings out the best of a person when it comes to skin tones, and gives that nice glow in the eyes, you always aim for. 


You´ll get the chance to say hi to both Octica Professional and BB&S Lighting at BSC Expo which is on the 3rd and 4th of January.


You can find them all at booth 211.


So don´t hesitate to drop by and try out the Area 48 or a Pipeline.



Peter does warn about trying out his LED Lights though. With a crooked smile and a humorous voice he says:


"Once you´ve tried one, you never wanna let it go"


But you can test that for yourself;-)



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