December 22nd 2016

Dear BB&S

Yah, it´s Christmas Lunch time at BB&S. I´m so happy you invited me too! It´s me in the picture, reaching for the bottle, haha;-)


The BB&S Elf




December 20th 2016

Dear BB&S.

Uh, thank you for helping me out. Wanna see my new friends who did it? There´s a nice picture of us on Instagram;-)

It´s so good to be back in the assembly again!

You´re right, I can´t make any trouble from up here. But wow, what a view! Maybe I can see all the way to the North Pole...?

I miss you Mom and Dad;-)

The BB&S Elf



December 15th 2016

Dear BB&S.

I´m really sorry if I messed things up. I know I probably shouldn´t have changed the total on that invoice, but I just really thought that photographer would be happy to get a discount! After all it is Christmas.

And my friends really did get very excited to receive all these big boxes filled with small parts. I know you might be needing them to assemble those lighting fixtures... but they really looked like perfect present material. Oh, and my Elf friends are trying to make new lighting fixtures for you out of the parts - they look very special and... well, innovative. I really think you´ll like them... if you can get them to light...

Please help me out of here...?

Can you hear me...?

I promise not to do it again...?

The BB&S Elf



December 13th 2016

Dear BB&S.

Did you know, your lighting fixtures can sing? This so gets me in the Christmas Spirit. Mom, Dad, Santa? If you´re watching from the North Pole, which Christmas song am I singing now?

You can use this morse code alfabeth to decipher it;-)

 The BB&S Elf



December 5th 2016

Dear BB&S.

I´m so proud. I built my first Pipeline 3 foot 4 bank! It took me some days, but I did it. I really hope the guy who won will be happy.

I used the soldering iron to write his address on the box, that bronze color really gets me in the Holiday spirit  - it was a little hot, so there might be a couple of holes in the box - but I don´t think I hit the lighting fixture, so don´t worry! 

Oh, These long white LED sticks are really good for skiing as well! You should try it!

The BB&S Elf




November 28th 2016

Dear BB&S.

I´ve just arrived at your offices and found a nice shelf where I hope you won't mind me staying for all of December.

I´ve looked at the PIPELINE 3 FOOT 4 BANKS 5600 K that you are giving out this week. I think I could help built that. I took one apart, and it looks easy enough. Sorry for the mess;-)

Oh, can I try to win it too?

The BB&S Elf



November 25th 2016

Dear BB&S.

I haven´t heard back from you yet. I really hope you´ll let me help you built some of the prizes for your Winter Holiday Competitions.

I love making presents, and I love lights, so I can´t think of any way better to spend my December.

I´ll drop by your office in Copenhagen one of these days to talk about it.

Yours truly

The (hoping to become) BB&S Elf