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Area 48 Soft Remote Inline Dimmer with Cable

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Dimming in the Palm of Your Hand

BB&S Lighting introduces a state-of-the-art remote control unit, designed to provide ON-OFF and 16-BIT dimming of the Area 48 Soft LED remote phosphor lighting fixture. The new Remote control allows single- or multi-fixture remote dimming of Area 48 Soft fixtures smoothly, from 100% to blackout. The remote dimmer comes complete with a 4 Pin Shielded 15 foot cable.

Ends Standing Tiptoe for On-fixture Controls

The ON-OFF switch toggles the light between blackout and the desired the setting on the rotary dimming knob. The Remote overrides the settings of the Area 48’s on-fixture controls. The Remote overrides the on-fixture software settings of all the Area 48’s inline  when they are connected via 5 Pin DMX cables to the master Area 48 that the Remote is powering via the BBSNet software.

Control Single or Multi Fixtures

The Remote plugs in, via 4-pin connector, between an Area 48 Soft and the fixture’s Power Supply Unit (PSU) or battery. Up to a 5 meter (16 foot) cable can be used when the light is powered via battery. Up to a 10 meter (32’) cable can be used when the fixture is powered by an Area 48 PSU.

A virtually unlimited number of Area 48 Softs, (connected via DMX 5-pin cabling) can be controlled by the same Remote. To provide multi-fixture control, the Area 48 Soft lights are required to be running the latest software, Version 2.0.06, (includes the new BBSNet software) which is free on There is even a video tutorial to run through the software upgrade.


Downloadable Documents

 Remote Dimmer Data Sheet

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