Compact Beamlight

The BB&S Compact Beamlight or CBL-1 is an LED light weight small form factor beam light designed for Studio, commercial, film and architectural lighting, that can be used individually on AC, used with the BB&S 4-Way Controller or used on a 14.4 VDC Battery.

The CBL-1 draws 40 watts and delivers 4,000 lumens at 97 CRI. The CBL:-1 comes in 7 degree, 11 degree, 14 degree or 17 degree models. The CBL-1 also comes in either 2700K, 3000K 4000K or 5600K and the New Bi-Color fixture.

The CBL-1 comes with an adjustable yoke and TVMP for mounting. Optional accessories are a 40 watt driver/dimmer with d-tap cable, 65 watt Power Supply with locking AC cable that operates at 110-270 world wide, the BB&S 4-way controller that can power 4 fixtures at once with DMX/RDM and 3-Pin XLR shielded heavy duty cables in 8', 16' or 25' lengths.