K7 Twist LED Magnetic Ball Light Kit



Versatile Set and Museum Lighting

Size matters and looks count - The K7 is compact, highly versatile and just plain cool. Designed for easy focusing and a great quality of light.

The K7 has become very popular as set and museum display lighting. It takes up very little space and delivers a wide range of lighting option.

The K7 is attached via a strong neodymium magnet and can be focused in any direction. Beam control is obtained by the use of quick change lenses and honeycombs.

The K7 comes with a 3W LED at 2700ºK, 3000ºK or 4000ºK LED. With a diameter of 35mm the K7 is suitable for most setups.

Dimmable power-supply and distribution PCBs are part of the K7 product range.

Fully Interchangeable Versatile Lighting System

Aluminum 90° Angle Base

Honeycomb Ring

Optical Mount Lens Ring

Rubber Angle Base

IES and UL Approved Cable

Magnetized LED Lighting Head

15º Narrow Lens

2 Medium Lens

11º x 45º Ellipsoidal Lens

4 Wide Lens