Pipeline Reflect 2-Bank Systems

Pipeline Reflect 2' 2-Bank

Due to the popularity of our color-accurate (3200°K, 4300°K, or 5600°K) remote phosphor LED Pipeline lighting, the BB&S engineering team has devised a new system based on the 1” cylindrical linear Pipes. Pipeline Reflect incorporates a new range of superior quality reflectors offering optimal control, and light dispersion spanning a 90° degree angle with practically no spill. Plus, the new Reflect System offers double the foot-candle output of the Pipes alone. And like all BB&S fixtures, the versatile Pipeline Reflect features offer strobe capability, especially when used with the optional BB&S 4-Way Controller.


Perfect Color Rendering 2’ to 8’ long

The Reflect System utilizes the same 95 TLCI color-accurate rendering remote phosphor 1-inch/25mm diameter LED Pipes that Pipeline is known for. Available standard in lengths from 2’ to 8’, Reflect housings are made of rigid, polished aluminum with a contoured base, 1.5” high sidewalls and a 2” wide opening. Smart engineering compresses the angle of illumination to double the output, compared to Pipes used alone.


Studio Hero

Reflect fixtures, are available in 2’-4’- 6’ and 8’ 2-Bank lengths. They are ideal for low ceiling studio grids, or anchor desks for a clean up light on talent. Set designers will appreciate that the housings are black for a clean looking installation.


Easy Mounting

Another benefit is the 2-Bank Reflect housing’s easy mounting capability with a fully adjustable yoke and locking TVMP. The 6' and 8' models come with dual mounting plates.


Variety of Control Options

Made for customization, Reflect 2-bank units feature a 3-pin XLR plug on the 2' and 4-Pin XLR on the 4' and 2 each 4-Pin XLR on the 6' and 8' to allow the user to control the electronic configuration. For plug and play, fixtures may be operated via the BB&S 4-way Controller (has four 40W channels), with optional wireless DMX/RDM control or built-in DMX 512 in/out (all function). All Pipes run off 48V for precise dimming.

Optional Pipeline 40W manually controlled Driver/Dimmers are available with 3-pin XLR to plug into Reflect 2' 2-Bank fixtures so they can be powered by optional 65W power supplies or used with d-Tap cables on 14.4VDC batteries.


Clean and Easy Mounting

Controllers can be wall or ceiling mounted. The 3-Pin XLR mounted within the fixture results in a cleaner installation.


Upcoming Accessories

Barn doors, grid accessories, and optional removable gel filters are available.



  • Variety of lengths:  2’- 4’- 6’- 8’
  • Perfect rendering 95 TLCI Remote Phosphor Pipes
  • Choice of 3200°K, 4300°K or 5600°K
  • 120-degree angle dispersion
  • Minimized Spill
  • Robust aluminum housing
  • Twice the output as Pipes without Reflect Housing
  • Easy mounting and compatibility with a full range of accessories
  • Optional battery operation
  • Compatible with BB&S 4-way Controller with DMX/RDM 512 in/out (all function)
  • Strobe capability, especially when used with optional BB&S 4-Way Controller
  • 48V for precise dimming