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Pipeline Reflect 3' 2-Bank

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Pipeline Reflect 3' 2-Bank offers double the output of the original Pipeline Remote Phosphor fixture. You get the same great quality lighting drawing 60 watts but with an output of 9,000 Lumens. Available in 3200k, 4300k or 5600K. it comes with a 4-Pin XLR male mounted in the end. The fixture comes with a full length adjustable locking yoke with tvmp. Optional 4-Pin XLR Cables with high quality wire and insulation are available in 5 meter/16' or 10 meter 32' and come with 3-pin xlr splitter to plug into two channels of the 4-way controller.  You can power 2 of the 3' 2-Bank Reflect fixtures with the optional 4-Way Controller with 4 each 40 watt channels. 

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