Reflect Bi-Color 4'
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Reflect Bi-Color 4'

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BB&S Reflect Bi-Color System.

The Reflect Bi-Color is the latest addition to the BB&S studio lighting system including the Pipeline Reflect remote phosphor, Compact beamlight single or Bi-Color as well as the CFL Bi-Color completing a full range of single-color lighting fixtures as well as a full range of Bi-color Lighting fixtures to fit all positions in a studio lighting setup.

Perfect Color rendering semi-hard and soft.

BB&S Reflect Bi-color has been engineered as a linear lighting fixture incorporating a Bi-Color mixing chamber enabling clean color tweaking from 2700 Kelvin to 5600 Kelvin at (97 to 98+ TLCI) over the Kelvin range. BB&S Reflect Bi-Color has onboard superior quality reflectors offering optimal control and light dispersion spanning an 85° angle with no spill light. A secondary slide-in diffuser ships with the Reflect Bicolor and can be used where softer light is needed, expanding the light dispersion to 105°. Reflect Bi-Color is built using only the best components and parts built to last. 

Studio Hero.

From small to big broadcast studios to run-and-gun, the Reflect Bi-Color single and double fixtures are ideal for studio grids, or anchor desks for a clean uplight on talent and the perfect solution for today’s demanding full or semi-automated walk-around studios. 

Reflect housings are made of rigid, extruded aluminium with a contoured base, 1.5” high sidewalls and a 2” wide opening. Set designers will appreciate that the housings are designed with a “clean” look in mind so your grid installation will look nice and clean. Due to the optical reflector system the Reflect Bi-Color fixtures can be used as key, side and backlighting as well as wall or set wash.

No Auditive noise, no flickering

Reflect Bi-color as well as the whole BB&S studio range described above as well as controllers are completely convection-cooled for silent operation and all BB&S built controllers are totally flicker free and can be used for high-speed recording.

High output:

The Reflect Bi-Color System offers more than 1000 lumens per foot and ships as single fixtures in 2' and 4' or as 2-Banks in 2' and 4'. For example, a 4' 2-Bank pushes more than 8000 lumens out.

Easy Mounting

The 2' and 4' 2-Banks are supplied with yoke and TVMP whereas the single 2' and 4' fixtures have several optional mounting options such as Mini yokes or sliders. Another benefit is the Reflect housing’s easy mounting capability. A built-in T-Track solution allows for mounting onto grids or they can stack onto each other side-by-side.

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