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BB&S Lighting

Force 7 LED 97 CRI Leko

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The Force 7 from Brother, Brother & Sons is a brilliant combination of high light output and great color rendering.

A complete light engine for third party optics that sets new standards for high output white light LED; available in 3000K, 4000K or 5600K.

The Force 7 draws 185 watts and delivers 750 tungsten equivalent output.

FORCE 7 Features:

• CRI / TLCI 97+

• The BB&S Force 7 is compatible with all ETC® Source Four® lenses & barrels

  ETC® offers a variety of interchangeable lens tubes with various field 

  angles. Read more about Lenses and Barrels on the web. 

“Source Four®” and “ETC®” are registered trademarks of ETC®.

• Power-saving long LED life

• Ultra silent operation, quietest fan in the industry

• Completely smooth full range dimming from 0-100%

• True 8/16 bit flicker free internal dimmer

• Excellent shadow rendering

  No double shadows with Gobo or effects.

• Crisp gobo projection

• Clean straight cut with beam shapers

• High speed strobe

• No Hotspots with even edge to edge lighting

• DMX 512 in/out with RDM

• Used in: Studios, Movies, Museums, Expo & Entertainment lighting

Downloadable Documents

 Force 7 Data Sheet