BB&S Lighting

PowerPORT Battery System 12 / 24 / 48 vdc

Regular price $5,995.00

The all new PowerPORT is a large capacity battery pack for remote locations where a generator is not the answer. No more loud generator noise, gas fumes or lugging gas cans around. Quick set up and easy to use. If you are using the BB&S Lighting products, you can also provide power and DMX Control in a single 4 Pin XLR Cable in products that have DMX options.


The new PowerPORT is a LifePo4 Battery Supply for Large Capacity Use

Battery Voltage Available in 12 / 24 & 48 vdc

Battery Capacities of 1200 to 2400 Wh (watt hours)

Switched and Breakers Per Output

DMX Control Available

International Charging Power

Pelican™ & HPRC™ Cases Available

PowerPORT Models:


PowerPORT12-125: 1500 Wh Battery Capacity with DMX Control $5,995.00 PowerPORT12-200: 2400 Wh Battery Capacity with DMX Control $6,500.00


PowerPORT24-50: 1200 Wh Battery Capacity $6500.00


PowerPORT48-25: 1250 Wh Battery Capacity with DMX Control $5,995.00 

Larger Capacities Available by Request

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